What your IT guy wants you to know

Technology Roadmap

29 Mar 2017

So it’s 2017 – WOW. Does your business have a technology plan moving into the future? I’m sure you have the internet, and a mobile phone with work email. Maybe a bugged-out file server that no one really uses.

If the answer is a big ‘NO’. Then read on.

In the last few years, there have been some technologies that have historically been considered as emerging, are now very much mature.

For instance, IP phone systems used to be all about connecting your phone to DATA point and then to a phone system in the office. Now, you can connect with a SIP compatible handset, PC, table or mobile.  You only really need an internet connection, and still be part of your business voice network. Smart hey.

But what other technologies out there could your business use to enhance productivity and reduce costs. Some solutions are easier to implement and cheaper to run than you might think!

Microsoft tells us that around 50,000 businesses move to their Office 365 platform every month! Yep, every month. Maybe there’s something going on here?

If you have plans to expand your business into other geographical regions or offices? Did you call the big Telcos, and do you think they understand your business goals?

Do you have ageing servers that are expensive to maintain, and your IT company is afraid to restart?

A technology roadmap is a way of empowering you and your business to make informed decisions about how you will lever technology that aligns with your businesses medium and long term goals.

Investing in the wrong technology choices can set your business back in terms of productivity and competitiveness, and cost you a small fortune to correct.

In the next series of blogs we will go through the steps you need to take to help you create your own technology road map for your business.