Look to the future and head off problems

Does your business have a clear IT strategy going forward?

Perhaps you need to straighten out a few things first? If you’re unclear about your telephone bill or want to know more about ‘the cloud’ or Microsoft Office 365, we can help.

Let us review, report on and consolidate your IT expenses. We’ve saved customers hundreds of thousands of dollars with a simple review of their phone and data invoices. If you’re stuck with a service you don’t need, we may be able to assist you.

With our vCIO for business facility, we help small business owners and managers understand current and emerging technologies that can help you achieve business goals.

Making an informed decision can save money, mitigate risk and lay a solid foundation for future growth. Think of our vCIO as your technology strategist, helping you keep ahead of the curve.

Strategy & the role of the CIO

When reviewing or creating your IT strategy, we focus on key areas of interest for the CIO/decision-maker:

Broader Strategy

Firstly, the CIO works to understand the overall strategy of your business. The technology strategy will flow on from this.


A communication plan is developed to keep stakeholders up to date with progress at key intervals.


Acting as an intermediary between senior management and IT, the CIO interprets your business needs in a technology context, asking: ‘What technology can best deliver the information required?’


The ability to deliver on deadlines and budgets determines the success of any CIO. This comprises project management, infrastructure, vendor due diligence/management, security, regulatory compliance and stakeholder input

vCIO Services

  • Future road-mapping and technology strategy based on ITIL best practice principles
  • Evaluation and review of current IT services and support systems
  • Providing senior management with business-wide IT systems overview and future outlook
  • Providing advice and regular reports on IT competitiveness and systems
  • Identifying problems that can be solved or systems that can be enhanced with IT innovation and assessment.

IT services you can count on.