Our Managed Services

When your business is growing, changing or in need of technical expertise, we can create a Managed Services plan that’s tailored and affordable.

From basic system monitoring to a full IT helpdesk, our Managed Services options keep your business moving in the right direction.

Now more than ever, IT security is paramount. We fortify your systems with automated Windows updates, third-party programs, reliable back-ups and 24/7 monitoring of core facilities.

Whether your in-house IT staff need help, or you want to outsource all of your IT, Greenfield’s Managed Services include:

Our Services

3rd Party

Services Desk

Reports Based on

Management Portal

Managed Services for
Desktop and Server

24/7 Monitoring and
Back-up Services

And Much More


  • Reduced IT downtime risks
  • Fixed Monthly costs
  • Knowledge retention
  • Focuses on alignment with business goals
  • Implement new technologies faster
  • Greater Expertise, experience and qualification

How we work with you

Consider our Managed Services an extension of your IT department. We can take care of regular IT infrastructure monitoring and management, freeing up your staff to focus on higher-value projects.

Proactively monitoring and maintaining systems in this way can help prevent future technology problems. If an issue does occur, our team can act quickly to resolve it.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, where you surrender control of your IT assets, you can decide exactly what you’d like us to handle and what you’d prefer to keep in-house.

Managed Services Calculator

Here's where you can quickly add up your monthly Managed Services total – no surprises, no pressure, no extras.

One monthly price includes every feature:

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