A clear view of your IT strengths and weaknesses

An IT Assessment gives your business an independent and holistic view of your IT capability and challenges. Clear recommendations for improvement are included.

Organisations rely on key IT systems and supporting infrastructure to do business. They invest significant resources in deploying new systems and keeping up with technological advancements.

When your business faces new challenges or opportunities, its IT capability must be able to support the organisation moving forward. This is why it pays to question your IT department’s performance, in terms of value for money, transparency and risk management.

Greenfield’s IT Assessment framework lets us quickly and efficiently assess your IT, providing management with a holistic view of capabilities and challenges.

Benefits of an IT Assessment:

  • Complete documentation and clear overview of your IT environment
  • Awareness of potential threats, problem areas and inconsistencies
  • Deep analysis of your IT situation in alignment with your business needs
  • Detailed report with recommendations from experienced IT specialists
  • Complete IT peace of mind

We look at the key IT components of your business, including:


  • Review of phone bills and other ongoing costs to see where money could be saved
  • Checking that products are not over-licensed or under-licensed

Network Design

  • Internet connection
  • Network security and firewall
  • Private and Cloud Networks
  • Repair and remediate networks and firewalls

Hardware Analysis

  • Network switches, routers, modems and access points
  • PC, servers, laptops and PDAs
  • Printers, photocopiers and scanners
  • A comprehensive Warranty Audit Report

Back-up and Disaster Recovery

  • Anti-virus system
  • Back-up system
  • Power management (UPS)
  • Cloud Offsite Disaster Recovery

IT Support Staff

  • Skill and experience level
  • Availability and accountability

Business IT Policy and Procedures

  • Governance
  • Best practice
  • Internet acceptable use policy
  • Business future Road Mapping
  • ICT Consultancy


  • Client PC and notebook standardisation (SOE)
  • Anti-virus compliance
  • Microsoft and third-party patch compliance report
  • Licensing report

Potential areas of discussion

  • Office 365 readiness assessment
  • Phones system and charges audit
  • Business IT systems management
  • IT change management

IT services you can count on.