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Do I need a firewall ?

29 Mar 2017

Do I need a firewall?

That answer to this is ‘no’ – if you don’t have an internet connected device.

But if you do…

As harsh and as syndical as it seems, let’s look at the facts. Here are the serious data reaches for 2016.

Included are; the US Department of Justice, US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Snapchat, Wendy’s, LinkedIn, Cisco, Dropbox, Yahoo!… you get the picture. Some of the largest companies and tech firms in the world. All have had serious and significant data breaches, where their clients information has been lost, stolen or otherwise tampered with. So what’s that got to do with you?

Well, thanks to a new bill passed by Australian parliament recently, businesses are now required by Federal Law to disclose data breaches they have experienced. Read the bill here.

Who does this affect?

At this point in time, it applies to all government agencies, businesses and not-for-profit organisations that have an annual turnover of over $3 million dollars. In addition, if your business is in the health sector, child care industry, a private school or tertiary collage, or financial industries, then this bill applies to you too.

So, what do firewalls have to do with data breaches. And aren’t they just expensive modems?

In the next few blog articles we will talk about the several types of firewall’s and ways to mitigate data breaches.