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Case Study – How we saved an organisation over 100k in first 2 months

28 Mar 2017

A quick case study on our services .. From a customer’s report

This month we have engaged the professional services of Greenfield Integrated Solutions to assist with the setting up of new offices.

They have managed to get 3 new offices up and running in the first 2 weeks. This has included sourcing and purchasing, and setting up computers as well as setting up local printers. Greenfields purchased these computers wholesale, saving around $1500.

Greenfield had managed to identify the cabling and power requirements for these sites including UPS.

The ADSL / NBN issue have been identified at sites (incorrectly provisioned). Greenfield has been engaged in reviewing the ordering process for ADSL / NBN lines to each premise but upon reviewing the current contract this was included in the line prices and this has saved considerable costs as well ($12 600k a year – 7 x $150-month average). Greenfield had also managed to identify a Fibre connection for the Head Office.

Greenfield have picked up on some potential overcharging by carrier who were wanted to sign up at a cost of at least $2 000+ month for 15MB/15MB speeds with no room for speed expansions without a costly upgrade, the proposed solution is a 400MB / 400MB speed at $400 per month. Another big benefit, is user experience for all remote staff. With this type of speed, the remote experience would be a pleasant one. This will also allow video conferencing with remote sites and Skype services for remote users through the comfort of their own PC. This will be a $18 000 per year saving over 3 years.

Other activities that Greenfield have performed are onsite and remote maintenance of the servers, prepare a Network / server design blueprint, remotely assisting staff in setting up printers, building new computers and laptop systems. Recently they have purchased more computer equipment and a saving of $700.

They had also gone to different vendors and resellers and Dell had originally quoted at $20 000 for a server but after going to market for different quotes, they had found a comparable server for $11 350, saving $8 650 for this purchase. Once we have the new server identified and order, Greenfield will be able to start building this and they should be able to swap out the old hardware for the new server and increase the user experience straight away.

Overall Greenfield have save approximately $102,650 in unwanted and unneeded contracts and hardware purchases.

If you have a new project, moving or needing a hand to expand please contact our team so we may assist you with similar savings